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Moods Plateau – L’updateur de 2013 – Amiga Intro

Moods Plateau – L’updateur de 2013

Released in October at TRSAC 2013 – This is a little intro by Moods Plateau entitled L’updateur de 2013…


Code & Graphics: Dodge
Music: mAZE (knottholet)
Font: Winden/NTW

Digital Chips goes YouTube

Digital Chips goes YouTube:

Knøtthølet Productions presents
Digital Chips goes YouTube.

This is a pack with some of the best chiptunes I used in Digital Chips.

Part 1 !!!

Subcribe and comment, and maybe I’ll upload part 2 aswell..

-mAZE / Apathy & Moodsplateau

Amiga Intro – Fairlight cracktro by Eltech

Fairlight cracktro by Eltech:

This is a small cracktro made by Eltech for Fairlight. Eltech was an Amiga demo group with their main headquarters based in the UK and a division in Norway aswell.

Code: Orion
Music: Maze (knøtthølet)
Gfx: Devistator

Classics on the run by Moods Plteau

Name: Classics on the run!
Type: Video
Idea: d!RT!E
Compositing: NK-TUX, d!RT!E
Camera, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: elapse, mAZE
Actors: Elvira: Gabi/Kakiarts, Worms: Anja Hase, Antje Tasche, Sven Schneider, Turrican, Rick Dangerous, Lemming: NK-TUX, Prince of Persia: Daniel Obst
Release Date: 12.08.2006 at EVOKE `06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

The first time we hit the 1st place in a competition after six years being active in demoscene! Its a fun video but it has some special effects though. Just try to redo the Lemming scene ;D ! We also performed a dance live at the party, wearing the costumes, while the video ran on the bigscreen.

List07 by moodsplateau

A small traditional release. This intro lists all releases by moods plateau so far.

Done in ASM on Amiga by d0dge
Music done by mAZE

Mikrobi by moods plateau

64k intro from Breakpoint 06

coding: dODgE
music: mAZE
gfx: dODgE & d!Rt!e

List05 by moodsplateau (64K Amiga Intro)

This is just a crappy intro to keep you up to date about our crew, the latest releases and activities. The intro was released at Evoke 2005 wilddemo competition.

Name: Infotro
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d0dge
Music: mAZE
Requirements: AMiGA OCS/ 020 or WiNUAE

List09 by moodsplateau (64K Amiga Intro)

Its just a little updater including releases which where thrown out since the last listro. We wont show up at Evoke 09 aka Zvokz with empty hands.

Name: “list09″ 64K-Intro
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d0dge, Dafreak
Music: mAZE
Requirements: Amiga OCS or WinUAE

Updater 2010 by Moods Plateau

English:A small 64k intro by Moods Plateau for Amiga OCS/ECS chipsets. Released at TRSAC 2010 ranking 4th. Code & graphics: d0DgE, music: mAZE(Knøtthølet), support: D!rt!e.

Norsk: En liten 64k intro av Moodsplateau på Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS. Utgitt på TRSAC 2010. Den endte som nr.4. Koding og grafikk er laget av: dODgE, musikken er det Knøtthølet(mAZE) som har laget og D!rt!e har kommet med support.

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