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Amiga Music: mAZE / APT & MDS Compilation #1

Amiga Music: mAZE / APT & MDS Compilation #1

Some songs made between 1995 and 2003.
Made With Protracker 3.18 on the Commodore Amiga.
4 channels.

Moods Plateau – L’updateur de 2013 – Amiga Intro

Moods Plateau – L’updateur de 2013

Released in October at TRSAC 2013 – This is a little intro by Moods Plateau entitled L’updateur de 2013…


Code & Graphics: Dodge
Music: mAZE (knottholet)
Font: Winden/NTW

2013 – Rossland Motorsport – 1.NM Runde – Gardermoen

Supernasjonal klasse 2:

Rossland Motorsport på Gardermoen.
1.runde i rallycross NM, Supernasjonal klasse 2

Sjåfør: Rudi Rossland

2 innledende omganger og C-Finale.

Digital Chips goes YouTube

Digital Chips goes YouTube:

Knøtthølet Productions presents
Digital Chips goes YouTube.

This is a pack with some of the best chiptunes I used in Digital Chips.

Part 1 !!!

Subcribe and comment, and maybe I’ll upload part 2 aswell..

-mAZE / Apathy & Moodsplateau

Amiga Intro – Fairlight cracktro by Eltech

Fairlight cracktro by Eltech:

This is a small cracktro made by Eltech for Fairlight. Eltech was an Amiga demo group with their main headquarters based in the UK and a division in Norway aswell.

Code: Orion
Music: Maze (knøtthølet)
Gfx: Devistator

Amiga intro – Raggy By Eltech – 64kb intro

Raggy by Eltech:

64kb intro released at Digi Symposium 1995.

Code: Orion
Gfx: Wade / D-Code
Music: mAZE (Knøtthølet)

(Not the best chippy by me, but ok..)

Minikonsert med Vestre Toten Kulturskole

Knøtthølet Productions
En minikonsert med Vestre Toten Kulturskole
19 mars 2011

Download 2011_-_Minikonsert_med_Vestre_Toten_Kulturskole from

2011 BMWCCN Teaser

Norsk:Knøtthølet Productions presenterer en liten teaser på årets BMWCCN film. Klippene er fra isbanetreffet i Sigdal 4-5.mars 2011. Hele filmen kommer høsten 2011

English: Knøtthølet Productions presents a small teaser of this year’s BMWCCN film. The clips are from the ice track in Sigdal 4-5.march 2011. The whole movie comes in autumn 2011.

Solar Power Kit – The Movie

Knøtthølet Productions


A small video filmed with a Sony Ericsson W995 mobile, showing how to install a Solar Power Kit. And yes, it’s made just for fun!

Classics on the run by Moods Plteau

Name: Classics on the run!
Type: Video
Idea: d!RT!E
Compositing: NK-TUX, d!RT!E
Camera, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: elapse, mAZE
Actors: Elvira: Gabi/Kakiarts, Worms: Anja Hase, Antje Tasche, Sven Schneider, Turrican, Rick Dangerous, Lemming: NK-TUX, Prince of Persia: Daniel Obst
Release Date: 12.08.2006 at EVOKE `06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

The first time we hit the 1st place in a competition after six years being active in demoscene! Its a fun video but it has some special effects though. Just try to redo the Lemming scene ;D ! We also performed a dance live at the party, wearing the costumes, while the video ran on the bigscreen.

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